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Bringing Words to Life


Bringing Words to Life

Words have always been an essential part of how I understand life, connect with others, and know God. Words bring grace and reveal glory; words transport me to different times and places and reveal what’s true. With words, I confess I am hurt or lost. With words, I remind myself and others that there is hope. When I sit down to write, I breathe life into words. And to all of life–every gritty and glorious moment–I bring words. Simple and true.

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On Being a Writer


On Being a Writer

Twelve Simple Habits for a Writing Life That Lasts

“A genial marriage of practice and theory. For writers new and seasoned. This book is a winner.”

—Philip Gulley, Bestselling Author of Front Porch Tales and The Harmony series

On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life That Lasts explores the question: is your writing life all it can be? Let this book and authors, Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig, act as your personal writing coach, to explore the writing life you already have and the writing life you wish for, and close the gap between the two.

Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle, from Barnes & Noble in Paperback and Kindle, and in bulk wholesale from Ingrams.

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Let's Get Together

Bringing words to life sometimes means getting together in real life or online and learning from and sharing with other writers, artists, and friends. If you are interested in having me attend or speak at your event, please contact me today. And if you are able, join me in bringing words to life at the following events!

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