August 2006


Choosing shingles is not as easy as I thought. Nor are shingle colors as homogenous as I imagined. On my way to the wholesale supplier, I decided to look at the shingles other people have on their roofs. You can get red, green or blue shingles. They can be smooth or rough. They can be […] Read more

The Fine Art of Auntship

Next weekend, my nephew, Dylan, will celebrate his 6th birthday. I’ll be at the birthday party, along with Dylan’s sisters (my nieces), Katie and Lizzy, eating cake and ice cream, admiring all Dylan’s gifts, and hearing stories about the first days of the new school year. My niece Samantha, will have her 6th birthday the […] Read more

A Blessing Not A Burden

“No doubt about it! God is good— good to good people, good to the good-hearted. But I nearly missed it, missed seeing his goodness. I was looking the other way. . . .” Psalm 73:1-3, The Message Today, as I began fretting over the house again, I had a beatitudes moment (realizing that something that […] Read more


Today at 11:22 a.m. I started the countdown — 2 hours, 38 minutes until my home inspection. Then I’ll know. Either I’m buying a house or not. No more telling people, “I think I might be buying a house,” and them asking, “Well, do you have an area in mind?” and me saying back, “Well, […] Read more


After a couple of days of negotiations, my offer to buy the house has been accepted! Yesterday, I wrote out a check for my earnest money (the first in a long line of checks that will be written for this home, no doubt). And unless something catastrophic happens, I’ll be a homeowner in 40 days. […] Read more

The Offer

I didn’t sleep very well last night; today my stomach is upset; and I’ve been a little lightheaded most of the day. I’m not getting sick, though. Yesterday, I made an offer on my first house. Waiting for big answers is nothing new for me. From medical tests to acceptance to college, the big results […] Read more

Who Am I?

This was the title of a friend’s recent blog posting as she pondered her identity as a writer. She had interviewed the author of Reconciliation Blues who recommended that all writers have a mission statement, a sense of purpose. Then she asked the readers of her blog, “So, tell me. In your profession, who are […] Read more

In the Market

As I suggested in a recent post, I am now officially “in the market” to buy a home. And in addition to being scared to death that I’m biting off way more than I can chew, I’m also ecstatic! My own home! For those of you who 1.) own your home already, 2.) know what […] Read more