September 2006

A Blur

I closed on the house on Wednesday, and the last few days have been a blur of Lysol, paint cans, and dust creatures (nothing so docile as bunnies, I can assure you). My house sometimes feels like an albatross, but as everyone keeps reminding me, it’s my albatross. And apparently that counts for something. Another […] Read more

A little too much news?

I love knowing what’s going on in the world. I listen to NPR for hours each day, compare what I’ve heard with the broadcast television news, and track down stories of interest online. In a word, I’m a junkie. I’ve been aware of this problem for years. I limit my subscriptions to newspapers and news […] Read more

Joining the Club

Yesterday, I went to Lowes (gigantic box of do-it-yourself tools and supplies) to take down some item numbers of the various parts and pieces I will need when I close on the house. (Though the house isn’t a complete fixer-upper, it does need a little love). Although I experienced a twinge of “stuff lust” again […] Read more

Jesus in Tehran

I have been working my way through Reading Lolita in Tehran for the past several days and have been intrigued by Azar Nafisi’s life in Iran during the Islamic revolution of the 70s and 80s. Yesterday, I finally got to the part where she and her academic colleagues were forced out of the university because […] Read more

Stuff Lust

This weekend, I went to HH Gregg and picked out a new refrigerator for the house. It was a surprisingly easy choice after the shingle incident. While I was there, I decided to price microwaves. Mine, afterall, probably belongs in the Smithsonian. I have an 80s model that still has the dials for the time […] Read more

Thoughts on Plastic

What did we ever do without plastic? Glance around my kitchen and you’d probably think I’d starve without plastic. I have plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic bowls, plastic bags. My flour, sugar, and salt come directly out of their cardboard and paper containers and into my plastic storage bins. You know, for freshness. And even […] Read more