November 2006


Just wanted to let those of you who may be interested know that I have moved my blog devoted specifically to writing over to Blogger. I think this will make it easier for me to keep it current, and easier for any of you to view and comment in it. It is Blogger doesn’t […] Read more


Today, I woke up without a headache and was grateful. The reason NOT having a headache seemed like such a gift was because yesterday I DID have a headache, almost the entire day, and I felt miserable. Later this afternoon, when I got home from work, my house was clean and cheerfully decorated with all […] Read more

The Way of Ignorance

Since I’ve been blogging, it has become my habit to think about my life in terms of short essays suitable for comment. Keeping my thoughts “bloggable” has become a kind of filter through which I have inadvertently subjected my thought life. A censor, if you will. While this often does help me give shape to […] Read more

A New Friend

For the past few years, I have been hearing more and more about a Kentucky farmer named Wendell Berry. He is as much a writer as he is a farmer, but if you ask me, more than anything he is a prophet. Wendell has written a lot of fiction and all kinds of essays and […] Read more

Give and Take

Tuesday evening I had the privilege of hearing a talk by Anne Lamott as part of the Indianapolis Spirit and Place Festival. As a big fan of Anne’s for years, I have to admit that I went to the lecture with a bit of trepidation. I have a bad habit of idolizing authors so much […] Read more

Starting to Conserve

Over the past several months, I have been prompted to think more about conservation, stewardship, reusing, recyclying, saving, etc., and I have to admit, I feel a bit overwhelmed. There are so many statistics from so many sources. And the problem can just seem absolutely overwhelmng. As I run these ideas through the grid of […] Read more

Feeling Grumbly

Today has been one of those days they write children’s books about. I woke up feeling kind of grumbly, and no matter what I do, I can’t get the mood to turn around. And though there have been some minor irritations, mostly everything is fine. I’m just feeling grumbly. Now I have a choice . […] Read more

Getting What We Want

Last night as I was helping a friend get her children ready for trick-or-treating, her 3-year-old son burst out, “Trick or treat, smell my feet . . .” and couldn’t remember the ending. So I added, “Give me something good to eat.” He laughed, and now that I had prompted him, said the whole thing […] Read more