March 2007

Still Waiting . . .

Yesterday, I wrote about waiting and God’s blessings. This morning, I read Psalm 130 and am marveling again at His goodness. Psalm 130A Pilgrim Song Help, God—the bottom has fallen out of my life!Master, hear my cry for help!Listen hard! Open your ears!Listen to my cries for mercy.If you, God, kept records on wrongdoings,who would […] Read more

A Time to Wait

Today, I went to have my oil changed after work. I was a little overdue for the service, and I had a coupon for $10 off. Today seemed like the day to do it. When I got to the service station, there was just one person in front of me. Since I was meeting a […] Read more

Lenten Memorials

I remember when I was a college student, I spent one summer working in southern Maine in the resort town of Ogunquit. I was there as part of a small ministry team reaching out to tourists and and other college students working in the area for the summer. It was a dream come true, being […] Read more

Touching Up

I did some touch up painting in my kitchen and laundry room last night that was long overdue. After all, the first coat of paint went up almost six months ago. But to my credit, waiting a long time to finish paid off; in the meantime, a few scrapes and nicks had emerged that also […] Read more


I just wanted to make a brief note about the fact that I have been posting and commenting a lot less lately. I guess it’s a matter of timing, like LL’s been discussiong over on Seedlings. My schedule at work recently changed, leaving me less time in the afternoons, I am writing daily over on […] Read more

The Ground Work

Yesterday, I was out in the backyard with my dog when I noticed something sticking out of the ground. It looked a little bit like part of a broom handle, but the dirt around the end of it was still frozen enough that I couldn’t dislodge it. Since I’ve lived here only five months, and I’ve never had a broom with a red handle, I began to wonder where it came from.
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Little Boy Blue

In the Christian circles in which I regularly find myself, the virtues of self-control and self-discipline are taught and referred to as though they truly were a matter for us to determine for ourselves. Especially during seasons like Lent, we get up an hour earlier than normal for prayer; we fast during our lunch time; […] Read more