April 2007

et cetera

I just wanted to pass along links to the final two Daily Journals over on Barclay Press (Day 9 and Day 10). It was really a lot of fun to post over there the past couple of weeks. It was also great to be part of The High Calling’s Blog Tour. (Thanks, Marcus, for inviting […] Read more

Daily Journal

For the next couple of weeks, I have been invited to be a daily writer for Barclay Press’s Daily Journal. I am excited for the opportunity, and hope you will all join me there for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be adding a link here each day, so you can head over to their […] Read more

The Thaw

This morning, I woke up to a cold bedroom again, and my spirit felt deflated. How could Spring have teased us so? I even complained a bit to the Lord, thinking through the metaphor of the Spring thaw as it related to my heart during the Lenten Season. With the return of cold, it seems […] Read more


LL (over at Seedlings in Stone) and I have decided to real Al Hsu’s The Suburban Christian together, and discuss it on our respective blogs. She has posted her initial thoughts in “Subfused.” These are a few of my thoughts about the intro and chapter 1. The book starts out with some broad definitions of […] Read more

Some Week

If you had only one week left to live, how would you spend it? This classic ice breaker question usually is intended to elicit dreams of vacations or altruistic aspirations. I’ve used it to hone in on my priorities – if I only had a week left to live, would I spend it doing ______ […] Read more