April 2008

The Certainty of Hope

For the past several weeks, I have been carefully evaluating all of the areas around my house where I planted hostas last year, waiting to see if the hardy perennials made it through the winter. Most of them weren’t looking all that good by the end of their first growing season last fall, but I […] Read more

L’Chaim — To Life!

I’ve been trying to put together this post for the past week, sitting down to write here and there. And for various reasons, it just hasn’t come together. Today, I am determined to post. What I’ve been trying to put together in words is the great tension I have been feeling between the elation of […] Read more

Picking up Sticks

The calendar says it’s Spring these days, even though the weather apparently hasn’t heard the news. And though I had to put a coat on to do so, I finally made it outside to start picking up sticks in my yard. As a child, picking up sticks was one of my least favorite chores. I […] Read more