April 2009


I love food. Not just for consuming, though. I love everything about food. I love to read about food, shop for food, study food, grow food, talk about food, cook food, even give food as gifts. Some people might even call me a “foodie.” Most Saturdays year round I find myself at a farmers’ market, […] Read more

Some Changes

For months I have been observing all of the beautiful layouts of my talented blogging friends, yet I persisted in my own mediocrity. Formatting changes can be so cumbersome! Well, today, I finally took the plunge and created a look of my own. I hope this is not too disruptive. Unfortunately, I redesigned instead of […] Read more

First Fruits

Tonight, I ate the first fruits of my garden. The leafy greens pictured above have been quietly growing in a make-shift container for the past couple of months. First, I sowed the teensy lettuce seeds in a 12-inch deep cardboard box lined with a garbage bag in my garage back in mid-February. Eventually, I moved […] Read more

Messy, beautiful life

Over the past few weeks as Spring begins to take shape, I have been gradually cleaning up the debris of winter again. I’ve written many times about collecting the various objects the earth spits out after a winter of freezing and the shifts of thawing, objects left behind in the past by acts of carelessness, […] Read more