February 2010

Food from the Promised Land

I’ve always wondered what it was like to live on manna and quail for 40 years like the Israelites did during their wilderness wandering. Every day, manna and quail. Fried manna, fried quail, boiled manna, boiled quail, roasted manna, roasted quail, quail and manna sandwiches, quail salad with a side of manna, quail manhattans over […] Read more

Fat and Marrow

Lately, rather than buy the pre-cut, deboned, and deskinned chicken that I came to love in my early 20s, I have started buying whole chickens at the farmers market and cooking them in the crock pot, using as much as possible of the bird. The large pieces of white meat are usually eaten plain, the […] Read more

A "You-sized" Wilderness

A few years ago while I was living in Chicago, I made some friends from China who were in the US attending an MBA program. We met together weekly to work on their English, and perhaps more importantly, to help them become more familiar with American culture. After several months of eating hamburgers and spaghetti, […] Read more

The Sound of the Wilderness

Wandering in the wilderness is nothing new for most of us. We’ve all experienced seasons of deep pain when we were forced to roam the dry desert, when we found ourselves weary and thirsty, and nothing would satisfy. We’ve been here before, so those vast stretches of emptiness are nothing new. We’ve felt the blistering […] Read more