June 2010

Who Am I a Family To?

Why I chose that particular night for that particular icebreaker, I’ll never know. It was the first session of a new semester of Bible study, and the request hung out there, spoken and awkward, in the middle of our circle: “Let’s go around the room and say our names and something about our families.” As […] Read more

You Don’t Own Me

“Can I take this home?” my nephew would often ask when he was little. He would be at my house spending the night, or at his grandma’s, and something there would capture his attention. He would play hard with it, REALLY enjoying, except for that little part of him that knew it was eventually going […] Read more


When I was younger, I loved to sing in public. I think it began during those early days of school programs and vacation Bible school closing ceremonies, when all the children would parade up to the stage and sing group songs. I loved to be in the front row, and my parents never had to […] Read more

Cooking for Two (or more)

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“What are those?” Clara asked, peeking into the drawer as I pulled out the measuring cups. My dear friend’s six-year-old daughter was spending the evening with me for one of our “cooking classes.” Once every couple of months, Clara comes to my house with her apron my mom made for her, a step stool to […] Read more

Worth It

It was a really hot day, as humid and sticky as they come around here. And I had been visiting with family all afternoon, celebrating Father’s Day. I had lunched on the deck with my dad, looking out over his garden; I had laughed with my step-dad as he opened my card about farts (why […] Read more

Culinary Slam Poetry

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For the past few years, I have been making a homemade salad dressing that has become a real conversation starter around the dinner table.  When I serve it to guests, they pour a little on the greens I’ve served, let it sit on their tongues for a minute or two, and eventually decide they like […] Read more

An Affair of the Art

Over the weekend, I fell in love with a married European man. I guess he’s not technically married, since he’s been dead for 55 years. And I guess “love” might be strong word, since I didn’t actually meet him. But when I saw his “SacreCouer de Montmarte” across the gallery at the Indianapolis Museum of […] Read more