June 2010

Making It

Recently, as I was describing a picture I had painted, someone asked me if I was an “artist.” “Oh no,” I said. “I’m not an artist. I just like to paint and draw.” “But I am a writer,” I added as an afterthought. It was a new acquaintance, someone unfamiliar with my personal psychoses about […] Read more

Food on Fridays: Strawberry Gratitude

I have written here occasionally about my habit of eating locally grown and produced food in season. And I still practice this as much as possible, especially during the seasons when I can grow and process some of my own food. One of the difficulties of eating this way is that when some food is […] Read more

Summer is Time for . . . Reading?

We are just about to close the book on Spring, and Summer is about to fall off the shelf. (It felt like Summer already today — hot and humid.) Now that the days are long and ice cream is plentiful, we are all making plans for long weekends, barbecues in the backyard, vacations to beaches […] Read more

On Marriage: A Single Perspective

The words were spoken during a moment of quiet confession. We were gathered together, just the women, during a church prayer retreat, and around the room, women would tentatively lift a hand or slip from their chair and confess areas of weakness and sin. One woman had tried to start several times, but in the […] Read more

Full Time

Today, I experienced one of life’s greatest joys: coming home after a long day of work to find a box from Amazon.com. I felt my spirit lift a little as I opened the mailbox and saw the box wedged snugly in there. What made this particular delivery even more delightful was that I knew it […] Read more

Charity and the Bean Plants

My dad had been trying to convince me for weeks that I would have to thin out my green bean plants if I wanted them to be productive. And I did want them to . . . be productive, that is. Thinning them out was another matter altogether. How would I pick among the healthy […] Read more

Blood Stains and Speeding Cars

She was walking across the street several hundred feet in front of our car when she stopped. Right in the middle of the intersection. My 16-year-old nephew was driving and, since he was still quite a ways away, hadn’t yet reduced his speed, but we were gaining on her now. And she was still standing […] Read more