October 2011

There and Back Again: Food

My mouth started watering as I walked around the “Big Food” showing at the Watts Fine Art Gallery in Zionsville. I had received an announcement about the paintings of giant pieces of pie and enormous bowls of Fruit Loops, and the pictures on the gallery website had been intriguing. But I never imagined a painting […] Read more

Radiation: Day 17

I walk into the radiation waiting room, and there are more people than usual for this time of day. A young man sits by himself, looking more like a family member than a cancer patient. A man and a woman sit together talking, though apparently they are not a couple. An older man and woman, […] Read more

What’s Fun Got to Do with It?

“Let’s play Pokemon,” Alex said, when he realized dinner wouldn’t be ready for a few minutes. “No!” I said, dramatically, “I don’t want to play Pokemon. Not unless I can have the Pokemon with the most power because I never win.” “Well, you can’t have the Pokemon with the most power, because I have that […] Read more

Radiation: Day 11

I am tired. I was laying on the table this afternoon as the radiation technicians tried to get my position confirmed. They were taking longer than usual, and since I was so tired, I closed my eyes. As I felt myself near dozing, I imagined what would happen to my arms if I fell asleep. […] Read more

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Finding My Voice, Finding My Place

  Growing up, people told me I had a nice voice. I joined a traveling choir and sang solos at church on the weekends. When I was a junior, I was asked to sing at graduation. I had always liked singing, but was actually kind of surprised at the compliments. Along the way, though, my […] Read more

Faith on the Frio

  On the first night of my stay at Laity Lodge, the High Calling editorial staff met together for a little check-in. Each person in the group was to take some time to talk about how they were doing, what the past year had held, what the next year might hold, or something like that. […] Read more

There and Back Again: Truth

From the minute I heard about the Cody Center art studios, I knew I would be spending at least some of my free time at the Laity Lodge Writer’s Retreat drawing or painting. With my surgery just five weeks behind me, hiking and biking and swimming would be out. Even walking around the grounds from […] Read more