October 2011

Radiation: Day 2

“It will either kill the cancer or kill me,” I overheard the gray-haired man with the fleece vest say to the woman sitting next to him. We were sitting in the waiting room of the radiation department with half a dozen other people – both patients and care givers. “What kind of cancer do you […] Read more

Radiation: Day 1

I laid on the table being tugged and pressed into the proper position, the green laser lights forming lines on my abdomen. With a blue sharpie, the radiation technician drew Xs where the lines crossed, semi-permanent marks to help them position me every day for the next six weeks. As the techs prepared to leave […] Read more

The View from 36,000 Feet

Onboard Continental flight 4465, I was looking out the window at the Great Lakes. Having departed from Cleveland, I was pretty sure we were flying over Lake Erie heading Northeast to Burlington, Vermont. As the flight attendant was handing out Ginger Ales and tomato juice over ice, he played tour guide of the skies. “In […] Read more