February 2012

Being Still

Monday night, the night before another doctor’s appointment, I was lying in bed expecting a sleepless night. Not that I wanted to go into a day of potentially bad news feeling tired and irritable, but I know the routine. Earlier that evening, feeling on the brink of more life-changing news, I decided to make a […] Read more

Amazing Body Human

“I’m going to try out for the Olympic swim team,” I told my friend Kelly, bragging about the progress I have made in my recent efforts to get in shape by swimming. She laughed, appropriately. No way would I ever be qualified for any kind of Olympic team, much less the swimming one. “I think […] Read more

Through the Waters

She came out of the water, dripping and happy, and I couldn’t believe that I got to witness this cousin of mine, this cousin I hadn’t seen for years until recently, soaked through to the soul from the waters of baptism. I barely remember Carmen as a child, our two families having little to draw […] Read more