April 2012

Ambitious Enough

At some point in the last year or so, I stopped writing at the desk in my studio. The move to the couch or the kitchen table was certainly a matter of convenience in the beginning. My sisters have each stayed with me for a period of 12 weeks, and each of them occupied the […] Read more

The Last Hopeless Day

If Thursday was the last normal day, then Saturday is the last hopeless day. The disciples watched their teacher executed at the hands of the Romans, the Jewish leaders nodding their approval a clean distance away. His followers had forsaken him in his last hour, and they surely feared for their own lives, as well. […] Read more

An Untriumphal Entry

Like every year, we worshiped together yesterday surrounded by lilies and children waving palm fronds. We sang songs about preparing the way and celebrating the king; we remembered for a moment that though this day is awkward for us (we know what’s coming), the crowds lining that dirt road to welcome Jesus were all in […] Read more