July 2012

The Way You See Me

I recently had my picture taken at work. It’s an official business-type portrait that I can use for social media or to include with announcements. As soon as I loaded it into my profile on Facebook, everyone commented about how much they liked it. “Like” seemed liked to strong of a word, if you ask […] Read more

One Little Change

I should have done it months ago – buy one of those round-the-body harnesses for Tilly. But each time I would walk her and it would be pure torture, I thought, she just needs more practice, more training. I have long since stopped walking her with a regular neck collar. She pulled so hard that […] Read more

Having It All: A Single Perspective

To come to a discussion about “having it all” as a single woman seems like I’ve already failed. Surely when women say they want it “all,” they mean an education, a fulfilling career, an exciting marriage, and creative or athletic children (or both). With no husband or children to speak of, do I even have […] Read more

The Occasional Painter

Seeing the tubes and bottles of paint brought a smile to my face. I was packing a bag to take to a friend’s house for the day, and among the things I was bringing were the paints, a jar filled with brushes of all sizes, and a couple of fresh white canvases. Sarah, an artist […] Read more

When It’s Wrong, It’s Wrong

In the first few months of my first real job, I floated around the newsroom on a cloud. I was a cub reporter, getting regular bylines on page one of my hometown’s daily newspaper. I remember telling a new friend in the advertising department, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this.”  Those early […] Read more