August 2012

At Work As It Is in Heaven

Last week was a bad week at work. It wasn’t a particularly hectic week; I didn’t have a jam-packed schedule. Deadlines weren’t haunting me, and neither was my boss. To my knowledge, there were no clients or revenue lost. I was just having a bad week. I felt insignificant, and I thought my work was […] Read more

A Rainy Drought

I have a white board full of ideas that I should be writing about. I’ve got verbal confirmation from a couple of different editors who are looking for essays from me; I’ve got a blog that’s just been in limbo, mostly empty. And I’ve been sitting here nearly an hour. I’ve written a couple of […] Read more

Work it, Sister!

We were in the kitchen cooking, laughing. I started to tell a story about my dad, and so I began, “My dad says.” I stopped short. I looked her in the eye to see if there was pain there. He is her dad, too. And sometimes, because we don’t have the same mom, and because […] Read more

I am the Rain

The gerbera daisy that I had planted in an old green ceramic pitcher on my back porch isn’t red anymore. In fact, the red bloom shriveled and fell off weeks ago. But the stem and the leaves that were left behind, now they have died too. At least that’s my initial diagnosis. With my plastic […] Read more