September 2012

Art, Fashion, and Life Transitions

Horror, repulsion, bafflement. These were strange emotions for me in a place that normally signified beauty and order and peace. I had walked right into the same art museum I had visited a hundred times. Usually, I would go up the stairs one level, pass by the front desk, and head directly into the European […] Read more

God is Working

Pastor Mark Vroegop is preaching a series on the book of Exodus at my church. Here is a response to Sunday’s sermon I wrote for my church’s blog. Even as Pastor Mark was laying out the amazing details of God’s sovereignty in drawing Moses out of the Nile to be the deliverer of Israel, I […] Read more

The Novelist

The Novelist is a work of fiction L.L. Barkat had to write.

This story about a woman attempting to write a work of fiction feels like memoir, if you know L.L. personally, as I do, or if you have read either of her spiritual memoirs, Stone Crossings or God in the Yard. “Laura” from fiction is a copy writer … Read more

The Joy in Abiding

I don’t know for sure how it starts; usually it’s something as simple as a friend running a few minutes behind or remembering that a bill due today is yet unpaid. Or sometimes all it takes is a twinge of pain in my back or my side. Somehow, any one of these things becomes a […] Read more