October 2012

Lending a Hand at Work

 In my personal life, helping others has always had a high priority. Whether it was part of the Midwestern landscape of my youth or a hallmark of the spiritual training from my parents and church, coming early or staying late to set up chairs or wash dishes was just what we did. But in my […] Read more

Dating as a Cancer Survivor

I recently wrote a heartfelt essay about living alone and the merits, both personally and culturally, of singleness and the space it provides. That article was published on a Friday at TheHighCalling.org. I responded to comments that day, interacted with friends who read the article, and continued to think about the very full life I […] Read more

Lopsided and Loving It

Most days, my life feels lopsided.I have days where I work the whole day at my job and then come home and work the whole evening on freelance projects, and when I lay my head down at night, my life is leaning a little too far to the left. Too much work.There are other days, […] Read more