April 2013

Opening Day

An overcast sky threatened to rain on our parade, literally, as we waited for the dozens of Little Leaguers to tramp through the park from the empty swimming pool waiting for a Memorial Day opening, to the freshly mowed and raked baseball diamond on the Southside of the park on Saturday morning. It was opening […] Read more

Back to the Future

We were reading our family devotional one evening during dinner, and the passage that night was Romans 8:38-39. The message was for the boys; it’s the cool, boys’ devotional book I picked out for them a few months ago, after all, and more often than not, the night’s topic fits perfectly with a situation our […] Read more

Taking My Pace from Jesus

When I first read Ann Kroeker’s book, Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families, I was single. It seemed counterintuitive to read the book, given the subtitle. But I had just met Ann and our fast-forming friendship led me to believe there would be gems for even the frenzied single. And I was right. […] Read more

Something New

I’ve been blogging since 2006, and since that time, I’ve maintained a small presence over at www.charitysingleton.blogspot.com. It was a good run; I published 592 posts there about everything from garbage in my front yard to cancer updates when I was actively receiving treatment. I exposed some of my deepest struggles with singleness in that […] Read more