June 2013

Is Work-Life Balance Possible?

Whether you work at an office, in a field, on an airplane, in a hospital, or at your home, the amount of time you spend working always competes for the time you spend doing other things. Sometimes, people call the tug and pull of that competition “work-life balance,” as though work and life are competing […] Read more

The Poet’s Son: Ai Weiwei

Only a poet’s son would take wood and tea and mangled steel and send a message to the world. It was that poet’s son who stood in front of the White House and Tiananmen Square and raised a finger of offense and then photographed himself and called it art. The poet’s son, he’s the one […] Read more

Celebrating Work

My family all gathered at my aunt’s house on a cold March afternoon. Aunts and uncles who live just around the corner, cousins I hadn’t seen in years, and my brother and his family from two states away milled around waiting for the guest of honor. The Indiana University basketball game was on in the […] Read more

Following My Dad

I was following my dad on my younger brother’s four-wheeler; my dad was on his own all-terrain vehicle. The tall grass and thick woods covering the rolling hills and surrounding the small pond and narrow creek provided the perfect course for cornering, jumps, and spin outs. My dad, along with my sisters, and brother and […] Read more

Best Step-Mom Ever

“I have an idea,” I said to my oldest and youngest step-sons. We were all sitting in the bleachers with my husband and father-in-law watching our middle son play baseball. Well, we were at least sitting in the bleachers at the game. Watching was optional. My two boys were each finishing up their nachos, trying […] Read more