February 2014

My Word of the Week: Presbyopia

pres·by·o·pia – noun \ˌprez-bē-ˈō-pē-ə, ˌpres-\ : a visual condition which becomes apparent especially in middle age and in which loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye causes defective accommodation and inability to focus sharply for near vision __________ On Monday, I picked up my first pair of bifocals. If you see me over the next few […] Read more

My Word of the Week: Second

sec·ond – adjective \ˈse-kənd also -kənt,especially before a consonant -kən, -kəŋ\ : occupying the number two position in a series : next to the first in importance or rank : another of the same kind __________ I watch as the coconut oil melts into the cocoa powder to create a drizzly chocolate I can use to coat strawberries. After adding […] Read more

My Word of the Week: Human

hu·man — adjective \ˈhyü-mən, ˈyü-\ : of, relating to, or affecting people : typical of people : having good or bad qualities that people usually have __________ “I’m sorry.” “Please accept my apologies.” “It was my fault.” “I am not sure how that happened.” It’s been a week of mistakes. Actually, it’s been a week of discovering old mistakes, […] Read more