July 2014

Found Words: We Struggle

Today, I am starting a new feature where I call back to you some of the words you have chosen this week, words that capture what’s going on in your life and provide a framework for moving ahead. True, these are someone else’s words for the week. But when I put them together, I find […] Read more

In Your Own Words: Laura Lynn Brown – Maintain

main·tain – verb |mānˈtān| :  to keep in an existing state (as of repair, efficiency, or validity) :  preserve from failure or decline  :  to sustain against opposition or danger :  uphold and defend  :  to continue or persevere in :  carry on, keep up  :  to support or provide for, sustain  :  to affirm in or as if in argument :  assert  __________ […] Read more

My Word of the Week: Friendship

friend·ship – noun \ˈfren(d)-ˌship\ : the state of being friends : the relationship between friends : a friendly feeling or attitude : kindness or help given to someone I woke up yesterday morning heavy hearted, thinking of many friends who are struggling under weighty circumstances: health struggles, marriage crises, parenting difficulties, financial strain. And me, at a […] Read more