July 2014

Found Words: We Struggle

Today, I am starting a new feature where I call back to you some of the words you have chosen this week, words that capture what’s going on in your life and provide a framework for moving ahead. True, these are someone else’s words for the week. But when I put them together, I find […] Read more

My Word of the Week: Capacity

ca·pac·i·ty – noun \kə-ˈpa-sə-tē, -ˈpas-tē\ : the ability to hold or contain people or things : the largest amount or number that can be held or contained : the ability to do something : a mental, emotional, or physical ability __________ I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you after last week’s word—deadline—that this […] Read more

My Word of the Week: Revelation

rev·e·la·tion – noun \ˌre-və-ˈlā-shən\ : a usually secret or surprising fact that is made known : an act of making something known : an act of revealing something in usually a surprising way : something that surprises you __________ Recently, I’ve been intrigued by birds. It started when my dad gave me two birdhouse gourds that I […] Read more

My Word of the Week: Friendship

friend·ship – noun \ˈfren(d)-ˌship\ : the state of being friends : the relationship between friends : a friendly feeling or attitude : kindness or help given to someone I woke up yesterday morning heavy hearted, thinking of many friends who are struggling under weighty circumstances: health struggles, marriage crises, parenting difficulties, financial strain. And me, at a […] Read more