August 2014

5 Reasons I Need to Listen Better

Over the past week, several people have said things to me that I haven’t wanted to hear, or at least not in the way they said it. An unhappy child whose anger came out in accusations. A museum guard who barked orders rather than politely explaining. Social media appeals that sounded a lot like judgment. […] Read more

Found Words: Begin Again

It’s back-to-school week in our community. And from the pictures on Facebook of squeaky clean kids wearing new clothes and backpacks stuffed to the brim, I’d say it’s back-to-school time in a lot of places. So much of the rhythm of our lives, whether we have children or not, depends on the last days of […] Read more

Word Work: Pronoun Agreement

Years ago during a brief stint as a graduate teaching assistant, I taught incoming freshmen how to write essays in an English 101 class. Except for actually having to grade 60 essays every time I gave an assignment, I actually enjoyed the position. Many of these new co-eds came to college full of ambition and […] Read more