March 2016

While You’re Waiting

Waiting is hard. And for writers, there’s plenty of waiting to do. Waiting for time to write, waiting to hear back from a query, waiting for an editor’s comments, waiting to hear about a contract, waiting for comments to a blog post you just published, waiting for the voices in your head to clear so you know what to write next. Read more

Is Solitude Necessary for Writers?

As I write, I’m alone. But not really. I’m sitting in the loft of a large coworking space where I sometimes spend my days. People talk and mingle all around. Yet at my small table tapping away at my laptop, I feel alone. In fact, I need the people around me to ignore me if I’m ever to get anything done. Read more

Making Comparisons

In a recent Grub Street blog post, author, workshop leader, and coach Hillary Rettig says, “An honest comparison can be useful as a learning tool, but perfectionist comparisons are usually slanted because their goal isn’t edification so much as self-shaming and self-coercion.” Read more