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My Word of the Week: Second

sec·ond – adjective \ˈse-kənd also -kənt,especially before a consonant -kən, -kəŋ\ : occupying the number two position in a series : next to the first in importance or rank : another of the same kind __________ I watch as the coconut oil melts into the cocoa powder to create a drizzly chocolate I can use to coat strawberries. After adding […] Read more

My Word of the Week: Human

hu·man — adjective \ˈhyü-mən, ˈyü-\ : of, relating to, or affecting people : typical of people : having good or bad qualities that people usually have __________ “I’m sorry.” “Please accept my apologies.” “It was my fault.” “I am not sure how that happened.” It’s been a week of mistakes. Actually, it’s been a week of discovering old mistakes, […] Read more

Happily Constrained

Sometimes, I’m not sure I’ll ever have all of the constraints in place to live the disciplined, focused life I desire. Just two nights ago, my husband and I (ok, it was me) decided to watch just one more episode of Downton Abbey from the three-season boxed set I got for Christmas, which meant we […] Read more