No Place Like Home

Ann Kroeker is writing about her experiences married to a man who grew up in another country and what she discovered about herself in the process over at I decided to join her with a story about my first adventure overseas. It begins in the suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal . . . The year […] Read more

The Right Place

While Ann and I were on our road trip to see and hear Wendell Berry, we were just outside of the Bloomington area when dusk settled over us and it got downright dark. I confessed to Ann right there in the car about how I’m afraid of driving after dark in the fall during deer […] Read more


When I was younger, I loved to sing in public. I think it began during those early days of school programs and vacation Bible school closing ceremonies, when all the children would parade up to the stage and sing group songs. I loved to be in the front row, and my parents never had to […] Read more

bird on a fence

His Eye is on the Sparrow

It wasn’t that unusual to look out my back door to see the neighbor children huddled around something in the yard, pointing. It seems they are always making a discovery, exploring the edges near their fence, or finding new uses for their toys.

But this time, whatever they were looking at was in MY backyard. Read more

In a jam

Ruining a double batch of jam didn’t keep me from sharing it with friends. When one particular friend and her two sons (ages 3 and 5 at the time) were bragging on it, I took the opportunity to pass along my new-found wisdom about recipe-doubling. I ended the whole store with a dramatic pause, then […] Read more

Picking up Sticks

The calendar says it’s Spring these days, even though the weather apparently hasn’t heard the news. And though I had to put a coat on to do so, I finally made it outside to start picking up sticks in my yard. As a child, picking up sticks was one of my least favorite chores. I […] Read more

Sneak Peak

I read my last post and see the irony that I was worried about too much good news — that I might lose my perspective and forget that we live in a fallen world. It’s ironic now because this past week has been very hard. I’ve been weak and achy. Some days I didn’t get […] Read more