The View from 36,000 Feet

Onboard Continental flight 4465, I was looking out the window at the Great Lakes. Having departed from Cleveland, I was pretty sure we were flying over Lake Erie heading Northeast to Burlington, Vermont. As the flight attendant was handing out Ginger Ales and tomato juice over ice, he played tour guide of the skies. “In […] Read more

Drenched in a Metaphor

I found a metaphor growing in my garden over the weekend. It’s been hot and dry here. Really hot and dry. And though I’ve tried, I haven’t been able to keep up with the watering. About Thursday last week, I noticed my potted pansies were just webs of tangled tan stems, so I basically gave […] Read more

Rewriting the Rules

Last week, I was helping a coworker develop a spreadsheet for the daily work her team does. The goal was to allow her to enter a few pieces of data and have the spreadsheet calculate the values based on some complex formulas. But first, I needed to write the rules. So I asked her questions […] Read more