My Word of the Week: Do

Two Sunday’s ago, Steve streamed the theme song from Rocky as I got up off the couch, walked into the kitchen, and pulled out packages of meat, pasta, rice, and vegetables. Over the next four hours, I chopped, I sauteed, I baked, I roasted, I blended, and then I bagged and packaged and wrapped. When the afternoon was over, I had filled the freezer with … Read more

About Those Boxes …

A few weeks ago when I wrote about boxes and my plan to experiment with the size and shape of my life and work in the new year, I had no idea that my husband would injure his knee playing basketball with the boys a few days after Christmas. I didn’t know that we would come home from an extremely relaxing anniversary trip … Read more

Story Mode

In the car heading to church last Sunday, I overheard the boys talking about a video game that has a story mode. “Oh, that sounds cool,” I said. “You get to read stories while you are playing video games.” They looked at me like I had suggested that their video game might also help them […] Read more