Advent 3: Commuter’s Pilgrimage

On my commute into the city yesterday morning, I listened to the Psalms of Ascent being read in the New American Standard Version. Admittedly, it’s not the most pleasant version to the ears, but it’s the default version in my Biblegateway App. While I don’t drive to the office everyday, I do follow the same […] Read more

Advent 2: Unrecorded Moments

During the week before Thanksgiving, I found myself in Texas, in a paint-splattered canyon dripping with rain and shivering down to its soaked cedar branches. I had come with friends, traveling in a van loaded with some of my favorite people, meeting up with dozens more sojourners whose paths were converging. We lingered around the […] Read more

Advent 1: Heading up the Mountain

Our family ended Thanksgiving with a fend-for-yourself dinner–the boys, Steve, and I each heating up restaurant leftovers or creating concoctions from the taco fixings remaining from the night before. We had enjoyed a traditional holiday dinner that day for lunch at my mom’s, so there were no bits of turkey or dressing, no spoonfuls of […] Read more

Checking Out on the Fourth

My bottle of maple syrup sat suspended on the conveyor belt as the check-out clerk finished with the customer in front of me. Just the maple syrup, that was all I had stopped for. I was in the “15 items or less” aisle, so it would be a quick trip. The clerk scanned my syrup, […] Read more

Night Watches

It feels like the middle of the night, but it can’t be more than an hour or so since we went to bed. I hear my oldest step-son’s Adventures in Odyssey CD still playing. But I also hear crying or moaning; I’m not sure which. And I can’t get my husband awake. I get up […] Read more

Passing the Peace

The oil dripped down from my forehead along the side of my nose. The cross I had been marked with was now running down my face. I wiped it with my hand, a gesture that surely looked like blotting tears to an observer. Perhaps it should have been tears, as the holy oil of gladness […] Read more