This week, I am on vacation. Though I marked the start of the break last Friday when I left work, announcing loudly to my coworkers still busy at their desks: “I’m on vacation!” I would have had Saturday and Sunday off regardless. So, technically, today is the first day. I have celebrated it by laying […] Read more

Rewriting the Rules

Last week, I was helping a coworker develop a spreadsheet for the daily work her team does. The goal was to allow her to enter a few pieces of data and have the spreadsheet calculate the values based on some complex formulas. But first, I needed to write the rules. So I asked her questions […] Read more

Nothing but Snow

We just couldn’t resist writing about it and snapping pictures of it and mentioning it in every Facebook status and Tweet we posted all week. It was the only thing on our minds these last few days. And if we weren’t mentioning it online, we were talking about it in person. What else could it […] Read more

Week 4, Day 3: Long Waiting

I sometimes say I’ve been waiting my whole my life. But the truth is, I’ve probably only been waiting about 19 years. Still, 19 years of waiting to get married is a long time. I didn’t even want to get married right out of high school. I was headed to college and wanted a career. […] Read more