Wildernesses I Have Known

Yesterday, as I was running on the treadmill at the gym, the reality of my multitasking fast hit me with new urgency. How was I going to run three miles without the distraction of my iPod or at least reading the closed captioning on the hanging television sets? I spent the first mile happy with […] Read more

Advent: Leading Me to Christ

I barely remember how it started, now so far into making Advent a tradition of my own. But for the past several years, before I decorated the tree or baked the cookies, first, I dug out the wreath and prayer book, purchased the candles, and began preparing my heart. What is it about Advent that […] Read more

Messy, beautiful life

Over the past few weeks as Spring begins to take shape, I have been gradually cleaning up the debris of winter again. I’ve written many times about collecting the various objects the earth spits out after a winter of freezing and the shifts of thawing, objects left behind in the past by acts of carelessness, […] Read more

Picking up Sticks

The calendar says it’s Spring these days, even though the weather apparently hasn’t heard the news. And though I had to put a coat on to do so, I finally made it outside to start picking up sticks in my yard. As a child, picking up sticks was one of my least favorite chores. I […] Read more

The Thaw

This morning, I woke up to a cold bedroom again, and my spirit felt deflated. How could Spring have teased us so? I even complained a bit to the Lord, thinking through the metaphor of the Spring thaw as it related to my heart during the Lenten Season. With the return of cold, it seems […] Read more

The Ground Work

Yesterday, I was out in the backyard with my dog when I noticed something sticking out of the ground. It looked a little bit like part of a broom handle, but the dirt around the end of it was still frozen enough that I couldn’t dislodge it. Since I’ve lived here only five months, and I’ve never had a broom with a red handle, I began to wonder where it came from.
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Hug a Farmer

Just outside the window where I am sitting, I can see the top of one of my tomato plants, gradually taking over the nearby wooden fence with its strong, sticky branches. Some of the leafy stems must have snuck through the slats of the fence weeks ago when they were small, because now, after a […] Read more