About Those Boxes …

A few weeks ago when I wrote about boxes and my plan to experiment with the size and shape of my life and work in the new year, I had no idea that my husband would injure his knee playing basketball with the boys a few days after Christmas. I didn’t know that we would come home from an extremely relaxing anniversary trip … Read more

Punctuation Matters

This week could have used a few more periods and a few less commas. I get frustrated with the way some things around me and some things within me keep going on and on and on. I long for endings and new beginnings. I would have even liked a few hard returns, a few new paragraphs, and … Read more

Too Many Choices

About 30 minutes ago, I started to get hungry – slight stomach cramping, vague lightheadedness, lack of concentration. I glanced at the clock: 11:50 am. Then I peeked out the window and there it was. The food truck. It had arrived a few minutes early, and my body was grateful. I don’t always spend Fridays […] Read more

Read for Fun

Tomorrow is an important birthday. Oh sure, I turn 45 tomorrow, but I was actually thinking of a different birthday. October 24, 2014, was the day On Being a Writer, the book I coauthored with Ann Kroeker, was officially published. Of course, I didn’t know it was published that day. I found out three days […] Read more