Well, today I have published my first website. It’s one of the relatively few things I have published as a writer; I’m not sure I want to do many other publishing projects myself!

It’s really interesting to think about all the words (characters and symbols loaded with meaning) that are floating in cyberspace. Not really there, yet visible. And then to imagine that truth, real truth, is exactly the opposite. Really and truly there, yet not visible at all. I guess this is what faith is. And understanding that all truth is God’s and has perfect representation in Jesus makes my faith Christian.

Words do mean things. Ultimately, the Word became flesh. That Word was God and he showed us truth by living. Today, as my words take on a flesh of their own, they have little hope of offering much meaning. But they do mean something. That’s why I am putting them out there for all to read. I am writing them in faith that their meaning might transcend even that which I intend.

There will be many words before I’m through . . .