After puttering around with this blog and my website for about a month, I finally got enough nerve to actually tell a few people these places exist and that they’re mine — kind of like a housewarming party, except I realize that just because it’s called a “home” page doesn’t actually mean I live there.

So after praying to Jesus about the “whys” and seeking God’s wisdom on the “whos” and the “hows” I sent out the invitations, and within minutes the party started! And the gifts you have all given me — wow! Just the thing for a writer: lots of great words!

Having a website and a blog is a little bit like Virginia Woolf’s 500 pounds a year and a room of one’s own. According to Woolf in her novel/memoir A Room of One’s Own, these two things were all that it would take for a woman in Victorian England to be a writer. That, and a desire to write, I suppose. Now, a website and a blog will do the trick.

I want my writing to go beyond these two little virtual havens, of course. That’s why I don’t actually blog every day or post new content on the site. I’m off writing in other ways, or maybe sleeping in when I should be writing. But though my writing may be more than a website and blog, it’s certainly not less. If my words here are part of what makes me a writer, then you, my friend, are a reader — one of my first.

Though writers can often seem like a proud bunch, always waxing eloquently about this or that with a grand assumption that people care, I can assure you that we also are a fragile lot. I personally have stopped writing for weeks at a time after a single rejection, or even a delayed response, from a publisher. So the encouragement so many of you gave me about the words you found on the website, blog, and links were much needed and much appreciated. Thank you!