For faithful readers who have been with me since this blog’s inception, a few updates:

From “Wide Open Spaces”:
1.) I was able to plant some flowers in one of the forbidden zones around my apartment, with the warning of “at your own risk.” The landscapers will not be responsible for ruining anything with their spraying, chopping or blowing.
2.) Some perennials that came up on their own in another bed were annihilated by the aforementioned landscapers.
2.) I’m in the market for a new place to live. This time, I’ll hopefully be buying!

From “Trouble in Blogville”:
1.) Rewriting paid off again. Discipleship Journal magazine bought another of my articles.
2.) I’m trying not to rewrite my blogs more than once. Or twice.
3.) I’m obviously still not blogging often enough.
4.) My friend Laura recommended a book about blogging that will help. Check out her blog: Seedlings in Stone.

From “Hug a Farmer”:
1.) My tomatoes are ripening!
2.) I think the farmer I mentioned at the market really could use a hug. Last time I was there I had to prompt him to tell me about the different varieties of zucchini. I think the heat was getting to him.
3.) I “put up” some tomatoes, peppers, corn, and zucchini for the winter. (That means I chopped them, put them in little baggies, and stuffed them in my freezer.)

Any other questions?