As I suggested in a recent post, I am now officially “in the market” to buy a home. And in addition to being scared to death that I’m biting off way more than I can chew, I’m also ecstatic! My own home!

For those of you who 1.) own your home already, 2.) know what a gigantic commitment this is, and 3.) fear that I may not know what I’m getting myself into, rest assured. I have tried to gather lots of advice on all the hidden costs (both financial and personal) of home ownership.

But I also have spent a lot of time wondering what it is that compels me to buy a house in the first place. Is it the economic benefit of accumulating equity and investing in my future? Is it the social pressure to accumulate things? Is it my innate need for control and possession? Is it a response to President Bush’s “Ownership Society” speech?

Why should I get to own a home with several rooms when many people around the world are lucky to have one borrowed room to share with their whole family?

And most importantly, does God want me to own a house? Will it bring glory to Jesus and help me grow? Do these questions even matter?