After a couple of days of negotiations, my offer to buy the house has been accepted! Yesterday, I wrote out a check for my earnest money (the first in a long line of checks that will be written for this home, no doubt). And unless something catastrophic happens, I’ll be a homeowner in 40 days.

I actually haven’t been able to rejoice in the deal too much yet. I’m waiting for the inspection on Monday to be sure there are no hidden pitfalls. Then I guess I’ll be waiting until closing to see if my credit score crumbles. Not to mention what if I suddenly take ill and wind up in the hospital (which is what happened just before the last time I moved). And then there’s jury duty. Just today, I received notice that I’ve been called to jury duty the week of my closing. I’m going to try to get it deferred, but all of these “worries” have just confirmed my notion that home ownership is not the holy grail.

But I continue to be thankful to God for all the various ways he provides for me — for all the roofs he’s put over my head through the years. And if I’m learning anything about this real estate/homeownership process, it’s to be thankful. God’s creativity and provision continue to amaze me.