Choosing shingles is not as easy as I thought. Nor are shingle colors as homogenous as I imagined. On my way to the wholesale supplier, I decided to look at the shingles other people have on their roofs. You can get red, green or blue shingles. They can be smooth or rough. They can be rectangles or squares or circles.

By the time I got to the store and was standing in front of the display panel looking at about 40 different options of 25-year shingles, I was overwhelmed. I was thinking grey, but that just narrowed it down to about 15 to choose from. So I called my dad, and he was thinking brown. “Red-brown or orange-brown?” I asked him. “Grey will be fine,” he said.

Then I saw them. The perfect shingles. Not exactly grey, and not exactly brown, with specks of the pinkish and off-whitish colors of the stone veneer of the house. There were four similar shades — each one made by a different manufacturer. Finally, I decided.

The shingles on my new roof will be Owens Corning Supreme Driftwood.

Just another day in the life of a first-time home buyer.