What did we ever do without plastic?

Glance around my kitchen and you’d probably think I’d starve without plastic. I have plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic bowls, plastic bags. My flour, sugar, and salt come directly out of their cardboard and paper containers and into my plastic storage bins. You know, for freshness. And even my produce, selected so carefully from the farmers’ market or harvested from my own garden, goes directly into plastic containers in the refrigerator designed to extend their “shelf life.”

Plastic isn’t always all that it’s cracked up to be. In fact, sometimes it cracks — like the lid of my plastic garbage can when I accidentally stepped on it the other day. Plastic also stains and even develops a strange black sludge that is almost impossible to wipe off.

Oh yeah, sometimes plastic stinks. In fact, that’s what got me thinking about plastic today. I was sneaking a few chocolate chips for an afternoon snack, and when I opened the new bag, I opted to seal the bag with a clip rather than dump them into the designated plastic container. Sometimes, the smell makes eating chocolate chips taste like eating a rubber ball.