Today has been one of those days they write children’s books about.

I woke up feeling kind of grumbly, and no matter what I do, I can’t get the mood to turn around. And though there have been some minor irritations, mostly everything is fine. I’m just feeling grumbly.

Now I have a choice . . . do I punish others for my grumbles, grouching replies to every question, refusing to hold open doors or say thank you in the check out line? Do I refuse the invitation from some friends to watch a movie this evening, and yell at my dog when she eats grass?

Or do I talk about the grumbles with someone I love, work hard to remain at least neutral in my relationships (loving feels too hard right now), and ask the Lord to redeem the day with his love and kindness?

The choice seems obvious, but when I’m feeling grumbly, even obvious choices can get me down.