Today my company held our annual meeting at a local hotel, and because we are kicking off our 25th anniversary year, it was quite a big celebration. There was a buffet breakfast, a video slideshow of the past and present, and even some prizes — I won $25 cash which I was quite excited about.

During the event, I had the occasion to talk with the founder of the company who is now retired. He was still a part of the day to day operations during my early years with the company, and it was fun to see him. As he asked about my job and how I was doing, I told him that I was happy and had finally found my niche (which thankfully our current president, who was also sitting at the table, agreed with). “I like what I’m doing and feel like I’m contributing to the company,” I told him, meaning it. To which our current president added, “And she’s never leaving.” We all laughed.

The moment struck me as important because as I was talking with him, I realized I actually am content with my job. The job itself is not glamourous and is sometimes frustrating, but I love the people, and the situation is a blessing (steady hours, a schedule that gives me time to write, a salary I can live on, etc.). And now that I am coming up on my fourth anniversary with the company (4th year for the second tenure; I actually worked there 2.5 years during another stint), I am thinking of myself as a long-termer. Something I would never have imagined even four years ago, when I was changing jobs about as often as most people change their brake pads.

I don’t know if I’m finally growing up (I did buy a house, after all), or if I’m maturing enough spiritually to see that these niches we find ourselves in are actually providence, but I am thankful. (And the $25 cash didn’t hurt!)