A friend of mine recently passed along to me her old digital camera (for which I am extremely grateful), and among my many interests, I’ve now added photography. Throughout the weekend I snapped photos of my dog in various poses (I’ll spare you those for now), along with shots from all angles of my Christmas decorations.

Today, as I was uploading them to my computer and deciding which one to show off on my blog, I just knew it had to be this one. It seems so elegant, so well framed. I was admiring it carefully, looking at the details, when gradually an image began to emerge in the middle of the glass ball. At first I saw eyes, then the shape of a face and hair. Was it the Virgin Mary? Or maybe the image of Jesus himself? Would people start to make pilgrimages to my house to see the face of Christ in the Christmas ball, much like the crowds that flocked to see the image of Jesus in the tortilla in Mexico?

But as I looked a little closer, I realized that the face in the ball is not Jesus or Mary, or even Santa Claus. The face in the ball is me. My image, shining oh so disturbingly as I snapped the closeup of the Christmas tree. Me? Who wants to see me reflected in the glass ball?

Then I realized that perhaps a lot about Christmas has been reflecting more of me than Jesus. My schedule, my budget, my parties, my cards, my decorations. If Jesus had wanted to show up in the shimmer of the Christmas ball, he would have had to get in line behind me.

Today, how can I make Christmas more about Jesus?