This is NOT a free (or paid) advertisement for Staples, but I did receive one of their Easy Buttons for Christmas. I’ve stumbled into a couple of wonderfully ironic moments to use it.

Like one day at work after two coworkers both labored through a list of numbers multiple times to determine why they couldn’t balance. They called me over, thinking perhaps Excel wasn’t calculating correctly. I verified the formula, questioned the total they were seeking to balance to, and made them swear that all the numbers they typed were correct. “I’ve gone through it seven times,” one of the them said. Just for kicks, I decided to scan through the numbers myself, and within 15 seconds, I found the error. They were grateful, I was magnanimous, and I returned to my desk. When I got there, I realized I had brought my Easy Button to work with me that day. So I slipped back to my coworker’s desk, pushed the button, and when the deep male voice said, “That was easy!” she snarled. “You’re a brat!” she proclaimed. (Even magnanimity has its limits.)

Lately, I’ve wanted to hit the Easy Button every time I have to type in one of those word verification entries. Is it just me, or does it EVER work on the first try? I set myself up for this classy illustration, but after I snapped the photo, I tried to type it in for real, and I had to redo it twice!

Oh, how I wish my Easy Button really worked! Have you had a moment this week when you would have liked to borrow my Easy Button?