It’s been a hard year on slippers at my house. I keep the heat low because I’m trying to save both energy and money. My house is a little older, so it’s drafty. And the principle of warming my body instead of warming the whole house is pretty intriguing. As you may be able to tell, I’m going through a lot of slippers.

Everytime I put on my slippers (and believe me, with my thermostat set at 60 degrees, I wear them a lot!) I am reminded that whatever our goals are, there’s always a place to start. Goals like saving money or reducing my environmental impact can be overwhelming to tackle unless I have a place to start. For me, I can start doing both by wearing my slippers.

In my previous post, “Thing Globally, Act Locally,” I talked about finding our place in a cause or movement or place that is bigger than ourselves. But even breaking things down and finding a niche can be daunting without a point of entry. Sometimes, we just need to think about that first step.

Here are some ideas:
1.) Recycling: Just start saving one thing, like soup cans or toilet paper rolls.
2.) Reading the Bible: Just start in Matthew and read one chapter of the New Testament a week.
3.) Saving money: Just start by saving one dollar a week.
4.) Eating healthy: Just start by cutting one portion a day in half.
5.) Loving our neighbors: Just start by opening the door for someone.

And if you’re still having trouble, let me know. I’ll loan you a pair of my slippers.