I couldn’t get over the irony of seeing my narcissus all sprawled about in my living room over the past couple of weeks. Talk about the need for some “smallness of scale.”

Interestingly enough, as long as my narcissus stayed small, it was beautiful. The blooms were tight, yet delicate. The fragrance left something to be desired, but it could not be ignored (what a well-named plant!).

Didn’t take long for the narcissus to move beyond its healthy boundaries toward a path of self-destruction, though. It’s not pretty anymore. The blooms are drying up. It doesn’t even reach for the sun anymore when I rotate it. My narcissus got too big for its britches, and now it’s paying the price.

Interestingly, I was at a friend’s house where she had a whole pail full of lovely narcissae. They were still going strong, but not because of any limitations of their own. They were trying to go wild, but she had reined them in with some stakes and twine. Imposing a smallness of scale on the flowers has given them a longer life.

Is it too late for my narcissus?