What could be a better day than Monday to think about the work we all do? And how better to think about work than to take a little tour with me — a three-day tour of The High Calling of our Daily Work’s new website?

I have been invited to take part in a three-day blog tour to explore all the resources available over at The High Calling. This website is part of the HE Butt Foundation, and exists to help people see their occupation as a place to glorify God.

“TheHighCalling.org believes that faith is the foundation that supports and sustains all that we do in daily life—including home, community, leisure, and especially occupation.”

Tomorrow, I will post more about what I have found on the website. You can also visit any of the other blog tour “guides” to learn more about the tour. Or, if you’ve read enough already and want to become a member of The High Calling (membership is free and allows you to receive daily devotions, updates, and more), then visit their membership page.

Whatever you do, won’t you at least spend a few days with me thinking about what it is we’re spending a third of our day doing everyday? What if our work really is a high calling?

Other “Tour Guides”:

P.S. To see a little more of the fruit of my labor, check out today’s Daily Journal over a Barclay Press.