I just wanted to pass along links to the final two Daily Journals over on Barclay Press (Day 9 and Day 10). It was really a lot of fun to post over there the past couple of weeks. It was also great to be part of The High Calling’s Blog Tour. (Thanks, Marcus, for inviting me to join!) I hope both of these small ventures have been helpful to you as well.

Next week, LL and I will resume our blog discussion of The Suburban Christian by Al Hsu. We’ll be focusing on chapter 2, for those who are reading the book as well. If you are reading (or have read) the book, consider posting along with us.

The sun is shining through the window right onto my desk as I type this morning. More than anything else, rays of sunshine that travel so far through so many obstacles to reach the earth represent the hope I have in Jesus. I hope you have a heart full of hope today as well.