About eight years ago, A Musing Mom tagged me to share eight facts about myself. Llama Mamma also got tagged by Craver, only she decided to stir things up a little, and she broke all the rules. Then, when LL over on Seedlings in Stone got tagged, she changed the game altogether, making it a poem/book review, of sorts. Now it’s my turn, and I decided to list eight things I am selling in my garage sale this weekend, including pictures! (This is not a new form of eBay, though. So there will be no on-line bidding.)

And just so the game is not lost altogether, believe me, you’ll learn some things about me just by seeing what I’m getting rid of. So, here goes . . .

1. A water bottle that was left after a Sunday School picnic two years ago. Yes, I still have it. No, I don’t know why.

2. A basket. Yes, you’re right, I did just buy a new basket at someone else’s garage sale two weekends ago. But it was different than this basket. Really.

3. Speaking of that garage sale two weeks ago, here is an overhead light I thought I just couldn’t live without. It only took me the trip home to realize I could live without it. Now it’s going back into the food chain!

4. A fancy tea set. I have collected tea pots and tea cups for years, but suddenly, I feel overwhelmed with them all. I’m keeping a few, but some, like this little set, came from a garage sale, have no sentimental value, and will soon end up in someone else’s tea pot collection.

5. Cider House Rules by John Irving. Ok, I read the book, I liked it, but I can’t imagine EVER reading it again. So even though there are still hundreds of other books on my shelf that I could NEVER part with, I’m letting this one go. Be safe, little book!

6. Two skirts. I am no fashionista, that’s for sure. I’ve had these skirts for at least seven years, but I haven’t worn either of them for the past 2-3 years. According to the What Not to Wear people, that’s more than enough reason to liquidate them. (Did I mention that they also so not really fit anymore, either?)

7. A toaster oven. I just realized that the reason I don’t have much counter space in my kitchen is because I have three major gadgets taking up all the space. I do use my microwave oven and coffee pot from time to time, but this toaster oven gets used VERY rarely. In other words, this guy drew the short straw, and he’s out.

8. The kitchen sink. I’ve always wanted to say, “This yard sale has everything, including the kitchen sink.” Well, now I can. Besides, I’m so happy with my new one, I’ll never have a need for this one again.

I won’t put pressure on eight people to have a garage sale of their own. But just for fun, if YOU could get rid of one item in your house today, what would it be? And, of course, why?

Photos of my junk by me