Over on Seedlings in Stone, LL recently spoke of her blog as a living room where she invites people to come in, enjoy themselves, and enter into a conversation. She set some house rules, even invited us to bring our instruments for a little jam session, if it so pleased the crowd. I like the metaphor; it fits too. I like hanging out over at Seedlings, seeing what all the people are up to.

I’ve been thinking about what room of the house might best describe my blog. As I thought of the images each room in the house evoked, I realized I have set my blog up more like an office or a study. It seems I come here with a specific task in mind or an idea to track down. Most of the time there’s a goal I’m after. I’m not sure these are bad characteristics of a blog. They just don’t really capture who I am or motivate me on days when I’d really just love to hear what’s on other people’s minds.

I’d rather this blog be more like a kitchen. A place of nourishment, productivity, and creativity. A place where the odds and ends of the day are tossed onto the counter. A place where you can pull a chair up to the table for a meal, or just open up the fridge for a snack. Mostly, a place at the end of the party where everyone gathers because they don’t want to leave.

I’m not sure how this new metaphor will change what I do here (though I hope it does influence me somehow). Mostly, I just want to assure those who come that you are welcome. And if I seem a little distracted or too close to task sometimes, just help yourself to some iced tea and a cookie. I’ll sit down with you in a minute.